Friday, October 3, 2008

Mother God of Earth

In each country, a Jiboshin (地母神), mother god of earth, resides. These mother gods of earth are one family line and they are globally networking. They usually reside on great chain of mountains around the world where the snow falls.
The leader Jiboshin of this network resides in Japan. It is the God Hakusan. This deity is at the eleventh dimension and it posses both mother and father quality. Amaterasu-Ohomikami is at the tenth dimension and her main focus is to protect and mother the land of Japan. But God Hakusan is more of a global god and in a way, it doesn’t show any special affection to the Japanese people. When I look at Mt.Haku from a distance, I can see the Kailas Range of Tibet and the Rocky Mountains of North America overlapping. In Mt.Haku, I sense a spiritual energy that runs globally beyond the realm of Japan. The local people call this mountain “Shira-yama.” This tells me that ancient people from other continents had come to admire this mountain. The sound of “shira” has a vibration of the Chinese tribes. What I am trying to say is that this mountain has attracted people from all over the world from the ancient times.

Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Festivals are Resuscitation ・Rebirth

The other day, I saw a TV show titled “Ise and the Japanese people.” I was able to see only a part of the show, but it was very interesting. They were talking about why the sengu had to be done every twenty years. In a Japanese tradition, twenty years to learn a technique of some kind seems to be quite common. So the twenty years cycle passing on from one generation to another would be adequate. I was expecting to hear that kind of answer. However, the intellectual who was invited to talk about it said something interesting. My interpretation of his speech is, “the spiritual power of the gods will start to decline after twenty years. So every twenty years, we do the grand festival, the sengu, to resuscitate and give a rebirth to its power. ” As for an academic person, he said something quite right even from a spiritual perspective. I was unexpectedly impressed. When you look at the old documents about the festivals held at The Grand Shrine of Ise, they seriously believed that the power of the gods have a cycle of life and death, just like the rising and the setting of the sun. So they held many festivals and events in different season to maintain the divine power.

Every year, all over Japan, in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples there are festivals such as hadaka-matsuri (running around the town naked)or kenka-matsuri (fighting fest)to revitalize the energy of the gods. The people who all carry innate god gather and enjoy the wildness. When I see the excited people carrying the mikoshi (portable shrine), everyone’s magnetic energy is strongly emanated creating a huge ball of energy. As the festival goes on, the ball is “kneaded” and becomes bigger and bigger. At the end, when the mikoshi reaches the main shrine, the huge ball of energy subsides inside the shrine. In a regular shrine, a big festival is held once a year. Every time people pay a visit to a shrine and leave their wishes, the energy ball shrinks. And in one year, the festival revitalizes it again. So when people stop holding festivals, it means the gods will disappear from the shrine or the temple. Thus the shrine or the temple will be a deserted place.

The sengu of The Grand Shrine of Ise is a super grand festival. They prepare twenty years for the next festival. The offerings are made with the finest skills and hearts. The magnetic spiritual energy of the craftsmen is “kneaded” into the works. Thus the process itself is already a part of the Shinji – work for the divine. Every morning when we are doing the gratitude sending with incense to our ancestors, or changing the water on our altar, we are also “kneading” the magnetic spiritual energy. The act will resuscitate and revitalize the god spirits and our ancestral spirits.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dissolve mental problems on your own

Mentally disordered patients are less welcomed by the spirit mediums and healers who know at least a little about the spirit world. Healers who receive money in exchange for a session cannot dissolve this kind of illness. While you are receiving money, a righteous god will never come to help the session. The patient does not know about this and keeps paying only to give away their life force.

Mental illness has a lot to do with the spirit world and it cannot be dissolved so easily. The longer the progression of the illness, the more interference of the spirits. It becomes more and more difficult to extricate from the situation.

Those who have been complaining about life for a longtime or blaming or cursing the world or others for one’s misfortune will start to have mental illness. And the spirits who are in the same mental condition will start to interfere. When the mental illness is expressed aloud with vulgarity in speech, action and face expression, it is already out of control. The spirits have taken over. The person him/herself is like a string puppet even with a potential to commit an indiscriminate killing.

From now on, there will be more and more clients who come with problems that has to do with demonic interference. The healers who receive money from clients will be in deep trouble between their own interference by the demons and the client’s. The demonic world is capable of manipulating people to an extreme such as mass murder. They can easily defeat healers receiving money for their work.

There is a way to prevent oneself from becoming mentally ill. It can be done by ancestral worship with gratitude. If any of your ancestral spirits are still lost souls, you are receiving the negative vibrational energy from them. This energy has an influence to your depression. If you don't do anything about it, the sickness will worsen. In fact, before blaming the depression to your ancestors, you must realize that it happened because you are weak and you are trying to runaway from your own problem. It really started from you and, you must realize that you are the only person who can heal yourself. An outside help cannot do a complete cure.

Even when a shaman has given you a cleansing ritual or a counselor giving you a therapy session, it will be only a temporary relief.

From my past experience with long term (more than a decade) depression and anxiety problem clients, there are many cases that were solved by ancestral worship with gratitude.

There are different types of depressions, but here is my advice in the order from lighter symptoms to heavier ones.

1) Act on ancestral worship with gratitude using three incense.

If this becomes too hard on you,

2) Simply light three incense to your ancestral spirits and the other spirits without saying the words. 

If this is still too hard on you,

3) Send gratitude daily to anything you could think of.

If the condition is severe and the person is not capable to act on any of the above three,

4) The family member with same last name to act on 1). It will take time, but the condition should get better. When the person him/herself starts to feel better and capable on acting on his/her own, it will always work faster.

Life is short. We need to make an effort on our own.
If you are dependent on others and have expectations, nothing will change.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank your for letting us live